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When using the the Magnet Design Template please be sure to follow the guidelines below before submitting your art.

Bleed Line (Red) - Any images, background images and fills which are intended to extend to the edge of the magnet must, at a minimum, reach this line. It’s O.K. to go beyond it.

Cut/Die Line (Magenta) - This line represents where the cut in the art will take place to create the actual size of the magnet (1.75”)

Safe Margin (Cyan) - Any text or image you want to ensure does not get cutoff must remain inside the this guideline.

Note: The phrase “” must remain somewhere on the magnet and within  the Safe Margin.

IMPORTANT: The following MUST be inplace before submitting your art files.

• ALL colors used are CMYK compliant to ensure proper printing

• All font/text used has been converted to outlines (a must for those using custom fonts)

• All placed images/links have been embedded or flattened (will not show up otherwise)

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