Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is the Most Efficient Beer Dispensing System in the World. Made in the USA and on tap in over 40 countries

Ever wonder how the Bottoms Up Draft Beer System Works? How do beers magically fill from the bottom and stop automatically giving you the perfect pour every time? Why on earth would anyone want something so magical? Are there benefits to the Bottoms Up Draft Beer System? And what's up with those disk thingys an the bottom of your cup? Well, now you know!



GrinOn Industries CEO, Josh Springer is the inventor and founder of Bottoms Up Draught Beer Dispensing System, the first-ever dispenser that fills beverages through the bottom of the cup. The idea came to him in a daydream in early 2008 and a mere four days later a functioning prototype gleamed in his garage. History in draught beer dispensing was made.

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