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Pour, Wash, Drink, Repeat


At Bottoms Up Beer UK, we offer a full service cup washing solution. We offer Standard as well as Bottoms Up compatible products. Our main purpose is to replace single use products in stadiums, arenas and other high-volume turnover facilities by offering a simple and cost effective alternative. Using reverse osmosis and heat recovery technology we have a highly energy and water efficient program that delivers a perfectly clean and dry cup.

Our base in Gatwick, West Sussex, is the home of our state of the art conveyor washer


Rent one of our Standard or Bottoms Up cups. We will deliver the required stock for your venue before the event and collect at a convenient time once your event is over. Customers are charged a standard rental fee per a cup delivered, only additional fee is for any lost or damaged cups during the course of the event.


Our Bottoms Up and Standard pint cups are fully brand-able and we offer a full colour"in mould labelling"to our customers that want their own logo on the cups or specific events logo branded (purchase and contract customers only). Give these away as mementos or return them to us to be washed.

Bottoms Up magnets do a lot more than just create a seal and come in the bottom of the Bottoms Up Draught Beer Cup. The magnets create endless advertising and branding opportunities that have potential to get thousands of views from customers.


We offer additional products such as collection trays, collection bins and marketing banners to help with the collection of the cups after use. These bins and banners can be placed at strategic locations in the bar areas to maximise the return of the cups. Collection trays with harnesses can be supplied so that your staff can move between crowds, collecting cups from patrons to prevent them from being thrown on the floor or placed in the incorrect bins.

We also offer a comprehensive range of Polycarbonate drinkware for people looking for a more upmarket solution. Our range includes everythingfrom wine glasses, champign flutes and cocktails options to shot glasses, whisky tumblers and stemmed pint glasses. We even have 2 pint beer cups for your thirsty patrons.

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