Party Cooler

Party Cooler

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The Bottoms Up Party Cooler is here and attaining popularity has never been so easy.  This dispenser arrives on your doorstep ready to start filling beers through the bottom.  You don't have to worry about keeping your keg cold.  You don't have to stand and pump.  No more garbage cans.  No more foam.  Now you can stop fighting with your beer and start enjoying it.  Note: Cooler color may vary depending on availability. 


Includes 6 x Glasses and 120 magnets

  • How it Works

    How it works:
    The Party Cooler creates a miniature and portable draft beer system.  The keg and the CO2 tank are the same as what is used in your favorite watering hole.  Instead of an industrial fridge to keep your beer cold we run the beer through a cooling coil inside the ice chest.  You can store your keg at room temperature and let the ice chest handle the rest.

    All you have to do is plug it in, fill the ice chest with ice & water, and tap your keg.  It is that easy!  One full CO2 tank is good for around 5 kegs.  Be aware, once a keg is tapped with this system it will need to be consumed within about 24 hours to prevent over-carbonation. 

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