Serving draught beer at special events can be a hassle.  Faucet jockey boxes tend to make as much foam as they do people wait.  Killing sales in both the amount of beers sold and waste due to foam.  Recoup that lost revenue with the Bottoms Up 2 Tap Jockey Box.  Faster and more efficient that Faucets, you'll be able to serve your customers quicker and eliminate the waste with automatic pours.  


2 Tap Bottoms Up Dispenser built into a 72 quart Igloo cooler.  Plumbed with 2 - 100' 3/8 stainless coils with wall shank inlets. Regulator and keg tap assembly is included.  Access to 110v power supply and CO2 tank necessary to operate. 



Mobile Draft 2 Tap Jockey Box