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*Excludes installation, fittings and consumables (System and Panel only)*


Six Beers on Tap

NOTICE: Long draw systems require the purchase of our backend equipment (Glycol Power Packs, Pump Panels, and Trunk Line.)  and must be installed by a certified installer.

This is our six-nozzle draft beer in-counter dispenser designed to be flush mounted to an existing countertop. The nozzles, drain pan, drip tray, and chassis are all made of stainless steel. Dispenser comes plumbed and includes insulated glycol and vinyl beer lines. Dispenser should be wiped down after each day’s use. It should be thoroughly cleaned on the same schedule as beer line cleaning (every two weeks).  Dispenser arrives ready for installation. Installation requires modification to bar top. Underside of dispenser must be accessible for general maintenance and repairs. Standard AC power and draft beer CO2/Gas setup is required for operation. 

  • This dispenser is 6 valves with glycol and beer lines insulated a minimum of 16” from point of dispense. 

  • Each valve has three programmable sizes. 

  • Comes plumbed with glycol lines for keeping beer cold up to the point of dispense. 

  • The beer lines are 6’ of 3/16” vinyl beer lines with NSF certified tubing. 

  • Each come with beer nut and tail piece already installed on the beer lines. 

  • If this is to be installed on a beer system that will require attaching these lines to a trunk line set, one would cut the beer nuts off and use a splicer that is 3/16” on the dispenser side and x/x” on the other side, then complete the joint with appropriate insulation layering. 

  • Sheet metal is 304 stainless steel. 

  • This dispenser and all its components are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

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